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Тема: Pinnacle Studio 24 Patch

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    Pinnacle Studio 24 Patch

    Pinnacle Studio Patch
    Released: 2020-09-29
    Size: 484 МБ

    This update improves application stability and performance, and addresses several important issues.
    Это обновление повышает стабильность и производительность приложения и устраняет ряд важных проблем.

    Загрузить и установить патч можно прямо из программы Pinnacle Studio 24 / You can download and install the patch directly from Pinnacle Studio 24.

    Оффлайн инсталлятор можно скачать по следующим ссылкам / The offline installer can be downloaded from the following links

    [Только зарегистрированные и активированные пользователи могут просматривать ссылки. ]
    [Только зарегистрированные и активированные пользователи могут просматривать ссылки. ]

    P.S. Общедоступный список ошибок будет скоро доступен. / A public bug list will be available soon.

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    Re: Pinnacle Studio 24 Patch

    Fix list / Список исправлений

     ↆ ↆ ↆ

    ▫ Add Legacy Menu buttons to title shape options
    ▫ Title: add a button "Color Settings" next to Text Settings, which auto-scrolls to display "Fill"
    ▫ Some Split Screen templates have broken thumbnails in Library
    ▫ Title: preview in Text Settings, not updated after changing Motion
    ▫ Smart Brush has rougher edge in 154
    ▫ Mask, Face: move the tracking buttons above preview
    ▫ Wrench, should be Gear in CP text
    ▫ Mask: Apply function, source preview becomes corrupted
    ▫ Mask, function: please add Feather to functions that don't have it
    ▫ Title: X-Y scale, for letter and other modes
    ▫ Title: Rotation, relative to frame
    ▫ Title: Ruler end should be displaying final frame
    ▫ Slow to display new entered Project Bins, if PS is still installing content
    ▫ VFR portrait clip gives gray circles, good preview during BGr, squashed preview after BGr is done
    ▫ New Corrections editor is missing the rotate buttons of legacy corrections
    ▫ Mask: use Brush options for Face brush
    ▫ Title: End keyframe, rotation will be about 1.5* off
    ▫ 3-4 Point Edit Mode - Drag a clip from local path to timeline, can't add to TL,but import to Library
    ▫ Mask - Created mask and add 'Noise Reduction' the preview window will freeze
    ▫ Change text "Save group as project" to "Create nested project"
    ▫ Mask: add motion track to Circle, Rectangle mask tools
    ▫ Mask: function Black & White, Feather slider doesn't work unless "Detect Edge" button checked
    ▫ Legacy Presets, change to "Legacy Motions and Layer List"
    ▫ File->New->Disc, do not show this while Legacy Authoring is disabled
    ▫ PS crash when apply NB v4 or v5 effect to 4K clip
    ▫ Can't drag from Library when click on filename part of thumbnail
    ▫ Mark-In may appear after recovering from a crash
    ▫ Mask, Face button needs updated FR string
    ▫ 4K clip sets timeline to 360
    ▫ Title: in preview, title is changing position with each pause-resume; spacebar becomes unresponsive.
    ▫ Unified Content: display a different icon for version-independent entries
    ▫ Motion Tracking in Split Screen, not working well
    ▫ Mask: feather flickers in exported project
    ▫ Crash when right-click library clip, "Open in Corrections"
    ▫ Title: Save title, or load title, the title on timeline still reads Blank Title
    ▫ Title: Face applies to wrong layer
    ▫ Title: PS won't open after closed
    ▫ Title: Blur won't reset to 0
    ▫ Title: moved keyframe becomes lost
    ▫ Title: legacy "Page from Left" motion isn't shown
    ▫ Title: Can't add elements from Overlays
    ▫ Title: Save project, or open project, switches modes from Motion to Text
    ▫ Library clip tooltip needs update
    ▫ Frequent crashes applying Image Correction CPU effect
    ▫ Title: outline box isn't reset after removing offset Face
    ▫ Mask: brush, smart edge may draw an artifact
    ▫ Mask: Tracking / Modify / Replace controls should be at top right of preview, right corner,
    ▫ Title: Black preview reported by Michel, and also Studio Backlot
    ▫ Low memory error after exporting HEVC 4K, then let PC sit on export screen for one day
    ▫ Title: support drag and drop of "add assets from Library"
    ▫ Level slider doesn't work
    ▫ Adjusting to Acceleration = None still shows GPU activity spike during rendering
    ▫ Two translation corrections, for Swedish
    ▫ Export: File name field - 3 clicks should select all text
    ▫ Legacy Disc: remove "AVCHD2"
    ▫ Mask: rectangle-circle-pen are missing MT controls top right
    ▫ Mask: Face, motion tools top right are missing tooltips
    ▫ Title: Pivot: "Follow" binding
    ▫ Title: keyboard shortcut overwrites text
    ▫ Translation corrections for 24.0.2
    ▫ Title: One line in layer is rotating, others are not
    ▫ Title: Remove Rotation "relative to Layer / Frame" option
    ▫ French translation correction
    ▫ Tooltips for Pivot-Track object
    ▫ Title: intermittently, cannot move a shape layer
    ▫ Timeline rendering is slower in 24 vs 23, and preview is frozen
    ▫ Some titles created in 22-23 can't be edited, and crash PS24
    ▫ Unchecking stereoscopic, does not restore text depth
    ▫ Mask, Smart brush causes very high memory usage
    ▫ Mask, Smart brush has pixelated edges
    ▫ Exporting some videos with color grading, hangs during export

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